To support the growth and usage of green sustainable electric transport we have joined and support the two mayer associations LEVA & ETRA.   
The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) is created to Pursue Common Goals and Interests. The Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry has organized a global trade association to develop technical standards for LEVs and promote the use of LEVs worldwide.

Mobility, environment, public health and sustainability are 4 key issues for the European institutions in setting out the EU policies. ETRA believes that, in this framework, a broad approach is needed to address the challenges, which European cities face: climate change, emissions, air and noise pollution, the quality of life of the citizens, congestion, road safety, … Technological progress alone does not offer adequate solutions to these problems.
ETRA advocates an approach that significantly reduces the levels of all private motorised transport in urban areas, via a range of practical and feasible measures, and that increases the proportion of journeys made by bicycle as well as on foot and by public transport. The potential for change to non-motorised travel in urban areas is huge. This focus on a shift to non-motorised transport will not only address policy objectives related to transport but also in areas such as climate change; public health and obesity; social inclusion and community cohesion; and energy security.[1] 
The fact that cycling can make a crucial contribution to mobility, the environment, public health and sustainability in the European Union is the pillar of ETRA’s activities. Today, ETRA is seeking to expand these activities with the support of national trade associations for bicycle dealers and associated members.