With hundreds of thousands Trikke sports models sold world wide since the start in 2000, we see Trikke riders, Trikke enthusiasts, Trikke fans and also Trikke Maniacs! Fernando Perez is one of those and lives in Madrid – Spain.
He wants to share his passion and love for the Trikke vehicles and starts the perfectly named webshop http://trikkemania.es From there he sells Trikke Sports models and EV’s all over Spain. He also hosts small events in Madrid to get more people hooked on the Trikke action. And he does this successfully.
To further increase his Trikke business activities we went to visit him in Madrid. We first and foremost enjoyed some Trikke riding together and found a perfect way for us to work together. Fernando will act as a sales agent toward our business customers (Security, Internal Transport and Tours) to further develop these markets in Spain and the Spanish Islands.
We had a lucky coincidence as the guy behind Trikke Dominica was on vacation in Madrid at the same time. Trikke is in the Dominican Republic what a Bike is in Amsterdam… You see them everywhere. What started as a Trikke tour for tourists led to sales consumers, marinas and a bog fleet of vehicles to various Police departments. Together we shared business ideas and marketing activities for Trikke worldwide and for sure we rode the Trikke!