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for 2015



Look and feel 2015

For 2015, again we make a next step with upgrading the looks and overal appearance of our Trikke eV models: glossy, shiny colors with (near)endless variety for you. All the fairings and skirts will be delivered in a glossy finish. An extra hard PU coating will be used to guarantee a long color live and to prevent scratching. See some examples below.

Trikke eV made in Holland

Since June 2013, all Trikke EV models are Made in Holland. We make three models Trikke eV5.1, Trikke eV6.0 and Trikke eV6.1 (for Germany only).

The Trikke eV5.1 is our base model with foldable aluminum frame, disc brakes, Li-ion 540Wh battery pack and 350W motor. Good for speeds up 25km/h and range of around 30-40km.
The eV6.0 has the same specs and is equipped with integrated head & taillights and an LCD cockpit display on the handlebar.

To further improve the quality and performance, all models are upgraded on many constructional details such as: a new front structure, a quick release on the front fork, stainless steel bolts & axels, new (brake) cable routing, redesigned handlebar with anodized finish, new rubber footpads and various electrical improvements such as a new controller. We also extended the warranty on frame to 5 years and on the electric components including the battery to 2 years.


Did you know that Trikke eV's are allowed on public roads in almost all EU countries?

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